Double Glazed Windows Adelaide

The VEKA system with the classic design


One of the most popular profiles on the market, for years enjoying an unflagging position in its class. Veka Perfectline is a solid and inexpensive alternative to wooden windows and easy to maintain profiles made of high-quality PVC ensure long-term use (material 100% recyclable). This profile is ideal for residential and office use. Due to a slightly lowered frame height, the glass surface is larger than in other systems, which positively affects the proper interior lighting.

Product description

Multiglazed triple and double glazed windows based on the VEKA Softline 82 profile system is a series dedicated in particular to those who value classic design and soft, neutral appearance (shape). Mildly outlined shapes and low construction’s height allow for better lighting of the room. 7- chamber structure ensures adequate acoustic and thermal insulation. Window profile due to perfectly smooth surfaces and the material from which it was made is completely resistant to weather conditions and aging.

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The VEKA system provides more comfort for your own four walls

To come home, put your feet up, and unwind – there’s nothing like it. Home is where we forget the stresses of our working day and relax. It’s the central point of our life: a place that feels safe and secure, where we find peace and quiet, a place for the family. In order to make your home that comfortable haven, many details have to be just right. Windows are an important factor. They light up the interior, protect you from wind, weather and noise and ensure your living environment is just how you want it to be – any time of the year.


Multi-chamber profile system (7 chambers in frame’s profile and 6 chambers in casement’s profile), depth 82 mm, provides energy efficiency of the highest level (ranges from energy-efficient house to passive house).

External walls thickness of the profile is 3 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm), parameter fulfil the highest RAL standards – “Class A *” (PN-EN 12608).


By using the glass pane with a heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0.7 W / m2K and a linear heat transfer coefficient ψg = 0.050 W / mK, we obtain for the whole window Uw = 0.91 W / m2K. By using glass pane with Ug = 0.4 W / m2K and ψg = 0.035 W / mK, we will obtain Uw = 0.7 W / m2K. The profile system itself has a coefficient of Uf = 1.0 W / m2K.


Triple- or double- glazing, glass width of 24 to 52 mm, gives possibility to glaze frames and casement according to individual needs.

Steel Reinforcement

Basic version of windows have reinforcements of galvanised steel in the closed frame (1.5mm) and specially curved steel with unprecedented durability in the casement  (1.25 mm). This is the most important element that guarantees long-standing, reliable operation of the windows


EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomers) – are characterized by much better parameters in the field of resistance to ageing, high temperature and resistance to external factors. In addition, EPDM- gaskets do not break, are ozone – proof, are very resistant to bending, scratching, pressing and characterized by excellent tensile strength, available in black – on enquiry also in caramel or gray.


The Winkhaus fittings provide windows with the tightness, by standard with:

  • burglar-proof catches obstructing breaking down the casement (lub force the casement)
  • classic, convenient to use aluminium handle
  • each tilt and turn casement has microventilation, Thanks to it we provide a constant flow of fresh air and step tilting

  • under-sill trim – protects the edges of the frame against damage during transport and fitting, in addition, it enables correct fitting of the sub-sill
  • Hoppe Secustic handle  in which for the first time we installed a mechanism, which blocks its turning, which prevents trying to break in by the burglar removing the locking elements from the outside
  • invisible fittings and hinges
  • burglar-proof fitting in RC1 and RC2 class
  • „warm edge”, which improves thermal insulation on the edges of the glass and reduces the risk of temporary water vapour condensation. As a result, the permissible relative humidity of the air may be higher by approx. 10-15%
  • laminated safety glass and burglar-proof glass, P2, P4 class
  • ornaments glass, reflective glass

The VEKA color palette

Double Glazed Windows Adelaide

The image shows our colors and wood finishes. Depending on your monitor settings, colors and textures are represented differently from the original. Color and technical changes reserved.