Double Glazed Windows AdelaideWe offer Double, Triple and Quadruple glazed windows and doors, custom made to various shapes and sizes manufactured with the German VEKA system – SOFTLINE 70 (Standard) and SOFTLINE 82 (Highest Performing) who have over 40 years of experience, the worlds leading producer of PVC window profiles.This classic design of the SOFTLINE system blends in with all architectural styles, whether modern or traditional, newly built or retrofit your home. The 5 or 7 chamber and  profile provides excellent insulating properties.

The joinery is made of a material resistant to weather conditions and the aging process. Perfect stability thanks to metal reinforcements, Double glazing with Argon gas between the glass, and fittings from renowned German companies. Double seals with a long service life prevent drafts. These windows will also contribute to a significant reduction in heating costs and will ensure comfort by ideally suppressing noises from outside the building.

UPVC windows made from VEKA profiles benefit any house. The timelessly classic lines and slightly rounded contours of the SOFTLINE system blend in perfectly with all architectural styles, whether modern or traditional, newly built or renovated, and the technology inside is a perfect match:

Complex 5-chamber profiles take advantage of the insulating properties of air to fulfill the most demanding heat retention requirements so you will experience a comfortable, balanced atmosphere whatever the weather and succeed in significantly reducing your cooling and heating bill.

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The joy of form

You do not buy windows off the rail. They are individually made products of craftsmanship, tailored to blend in perfectly with the architecture of your home. That’s why VEKA profile systems are made to be especially versatile. They come in a huge range of frame and casement profiles with a complete line of accessories, giving you full creative freedom in realising your ideas. Choose from our classic white or coloured portfolios, add interesting details like georgian bars, or incorporate special forms – round or arched windows, triangular, gable or bay window constructions. The possibilities are endless – express your own personal style.

softline 70 MD - recessed sash

Softline 70

To come home, put your feet up, and unwind – there’s nothing like it. Home is where we forget the stresses of our working day and relax. It’s the central point of our life: a place that feels safe and secure, where we find peace and quiet, a place for the family.
softline 82-b

Softline 82

Highest Performing
One of the most popular profiles on the market, for years enjoying an unflagging position in its class. Veka Perfectline is a solid and inexpensive alternative to wooden windows and easy to maintain profiles made of high-quality PVC ensure long-term use (material 100% recyclable).