Double Glazed Windows Adelaide

The entrance door is considered a home’s business card and always has an individual character. There is no other element of the facade that would give investors, architects and planners so many possibilities and at the same time would have to meet such high requirements. The entrance door must open without any trouble, protect against weather conditions and offer the highest level of security. The VEKA entrance door systems are ideal for this, and they owe it not only to the excellent quality of profiles. The VEKA entrance doors are additionally reinforced, and their anti-burglary function can be extended by using a special closing technique, anti-burglary fittings and special glazing.

  • Classic doors with good insulating properties. Depth 70 mm, leaf width 105 mm (5 chambers in the frame profile and 3 chambers in the leaf profile) providing thermal protection at a very high level. More about SOFTLINE 70.
  • Doors for passive houses with ideal thermal parameters. Profile depth 82 mm, leaf width 114 – 125 mm (7 chambers in the frame profile and 5 chambers in the leaf profile). More about SOFTLINE 82.
  • The thickness of the external walls of the profile is 3 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm),  parameter that meets the highest RAL standards – “Class A” (PN-EN 12608).

  • It is possible to use a filling with a thickness of 6 to 52mm without the need for additional profiles. Types of filling: glass package, PVC full thermal insulation panel, decorative standard panel. Ask the seller for available models

  • The windows in the basic version have reinforcements of galvanized steel in the closed frame (1.5mm) and a specially curved leaf with unprecedented durability (1.25 mm). This is the most important element that guarantees long-term, reliable opening of windows


  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene-Diene-Monomer) – it is characterized by much better parameters in terms of resistance to aging, high temperature and resistance to external factors. Furthermore, EPDM gaskets don’t rip, are resistant to ozone, are characterized by excellent durability for stretching, ripping and compression, available in black – on request also in caramel or gray

  • 20 mm aluminum threshold
  • Falling slat


Winkhaus hardware:

  • Strip lock: 3, 4 or 5 points with a cylinder,
  •  3, 4 or 5-point slat lock with automatic locking,
  •  Surface, roller, covered hinges,
  •  Anti-theft hitches,
  •  Hinge blocks.


  • Electric strikes,
  • Bar handles, door closers.

Slide 70 is a solution created on the basis of lift and slide door profiles (HST) VEKA. The technology of the Slide 70 system is an ideal solution in the case of terrace glazing with extremely large dimensions and therefore allows you to implement the bravest architectural designs.

Terrace doors Veka PSK

Tilt & Slide Doors
Tilt and slide windows (PSK Automat type) are a system equipped with hardware with active solutions with forced action. These press the leaf to the frame along its entire width during closing and push it away from the frame when opening the window.
We have entrance doors with a wealth of designs from stylish, classic to very modern and avant-garde. Made on the VEKA profile, they meet current standards in the field of protection against noise and heat loss. Constructions of one- and multi-leaf doors are not a problem for us.
The Bi Fold door offers contemporary style, practical design and excellent reliability. The Bi Fold door provides superior operating performance and smooth integration into any architectural style.